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We provide safe & effective weight loss procedures using injections, pills and HCG diet. Losing the weight quick and easy!

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How does medical weight loss improve my health?

Losing weight is essential for optimal health. Excess weight adds incredible stress to your joints and leads to hormonal imbalances and body-wide inflammation. These conditions dramatically increase your risk of chronic health conditions, such as:

High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Type 2 diabetes
Heart disease
Sleep apnea
Liver disease
Kidney disease

Losing weight helps prevent these conditions and also treats them if they develop.

 What are the advantages of medical weight loss? 

Limiting your calories and getting exercise can form the foundation for losing weight, but weight loss isn’t that simple. Your body often works against you, and the road to reaching your goals can be long, depending on how much weight you need to lose. 

Medical weight loss supports your weight loss by giving you emotional support, guidance, and holistic medical care for overcoming roadblocks, such as: 

When you’re under stress, your cortisol levels increase. Cortisol works against weight loss by increasing blood sugar and making you hungry. 

Nutrient deficiencies 
People who are overweight often have nutritional deficiencies that slow their metabolism and disrupt fat burning. 

Hormone imbalances 
Hormone imbalances can inhibit weight loss right from the start. Problems also occur after you lose weight when you have a surge of hormones that drive your body to regain the fat you lost. 

What services might I receive through medical weight loss? 

Your weight-loss journey begins with a thorough evaluation. Your provider at On the Mark Healthcare Services reviews your medical history and overall health, completes a physical exam, and learns about your eating habits and weight loss history.  

They may also run blood work to identify nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, and chronic health concerns like high blood sugar. 

Your provider designs a weight-loss plan that meets your goals and works for your lifestyle. Your services may include the following:
Calorie intake plan
Nutrition counseling
Meal planning
Exercise recommendations
Behavioral modification
Stress management
Dietary supplements
Prescription weight-loss medications

Your provider may prescribe weight-loss medications, such as phentermine or semaglutide (Ozempic®), monitored with routine lab work for as long as you take the medication. 

If you’re ready for the support of medical weight loss, call On the Mark Healthcare Services or book an appointment online today. 

I'm ready, what are my options? 

We offer three different packages so that you can chose what best suits your personal needs and budget.  

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